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Some competing streaming services have begun to make a dent in Twitch’s dominant market share. More specifically, Facebook Gaming saw significant growth in 2019, according to a report from StreamElements and (per Engadget). 


Increased streaming viewership 

Facebook Gaming has increased their market share by 210% year-over-year (YoY), solidifying an 8.5% share by the end of December 2019. That percentage around the same time in 2018 was just 3.1%. 


To be more specific, this means that Facebook Gaming reached 102 million hours watched, which is a huge difference compared to just 32 million hours watched in December 2018.


All in all, other streaming competitors remain well ahead of Facebook Gaming. YouTube Gaming maintained its share at 27.9%, up 0.4% from the year before. Of course, Twitch remains in first place, despite a notable market drop down to 61%. 


The only other major streaming service to have a lesser share than Facebook was Mixer, according to the report. However, Mixer still saw a 0.6% YoY growth. 


The largest game in streaming in December was League of Legends (LoL), totalling 74 million hours watched across the four platforms measured. Massively successful battle royale game Fortnite came after LoL, totalling 58 million hours watched. 


Ultimately, each service measured in the report saw combined growth of 12% in the hours watched category. 


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