Jordanian esports organization FATE Esports has named German analytics company Shikenso Analytics as its new data provider to help with the measurement of its sponsorship assets.

The intention of the partnership is for Shikenso to provide insights and analysis of FATEs current sponsorship assets, as well as their performance on social media and streaming channels, allowing the esports organization to make strategic decisions towards existing and potential sponsors. The main focus of the deal is for Shikenso to highlight the potential for sponsors to work with FATE.

This is the third strategic partnership this year for FATE, following their first two with Orange and HyperX.

Source: Esports Insider

FATEs partnership with Orange features an initiative to develop esports talent throughout Jordan and the Middle East, the deal also includes an esports training facility for FATE esports at the Orange Digital Village. While the deal with HyperX will see them provide FATEs players with their products such as headsets and mice.

Arwin Fallah, CEO of Shikenso GmbH commented: “As one of our missions is to further professionalize the esports and gaming industry, we are excited to see that the need of our solution is not only applied top down but even more so necessary for striving and growing organisations. With FATE as our very first partner from the MENA region, we are happy to be applying our solution for their specific needs and helping them manage and analyse their sponsorship assets.”

Mohammed Majali, Founding Partner of FATE Esports added: “Shikenso’s AI technology enables us to gain deep insights into our online live audience and maximise visibility for our sponsors. Today with Shikenso, we are able to delve deep into metrics and maximize visibility during live-broadcast matches. We’re looking forward to this partnership.”

With competitive teams in games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, PUBG Mobile, and Tekken, FATE is looking to strengthen its position going into 2021, both from a competitive standpoint and as a business entity.


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