The exponential growth of esports presents new opportunities for the gaming community. In a recent interview, professional investor Marin Katusa sat down with Adrian Montgomery, CEO of Enthusiast Gaming   (our parent company) to discuss the esports and video game “potential golden moment” during this global shutdown.

As most traditional sports events around the world are being cancelled, we’re seeing a rapid adaptation towards online, from the star F-1 driver to the NFL superstar firing up a live stream from his living room. The clear winners are Youtube and Twitch, taking over spaces where the old medium of TV and the likes of ESPN. Gaming continues to be a social phenomenon that transcends generations and gender, dwarfing Hollywood and poised to displace traditional sports. The trajectory we’re on is very exciting, and booming during these challenging times as more people stay home.

It’s a 28 minute interview on the evolution of media and worth a watch.  You can also download the full report and interview.


GamingStreet Staff

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