Super League Gaming adds gaming clubs for amateur esports expansion

Super League Gaming (Nasdaq: SLGG) has announced the expansion of its city-based esports league and event system. The company’s Gaming Clubs will be established in eight additional domestic and international markets – enabling gamers throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico to participate in competitive experiences.

Super League Gaming expansion

“Gamers are among the most creative and intellectually engaged individuals on the planet. They also are among the most passionate when playing the games they love,” said Matt Edelman, Chief Commercial Officer of Super League Gaming, in a release. “Our Gaming Clubs offer players the opportunity to display that passion within a local community that they do not have to work to discover.”

With the additional eight gaming clubs, Super League Gaming now runs 24 total regional amateur esports programs throughout North America. They were initially launched as City Clubs in 2016 and have since served as a way for the company to connect with local audiences.

From weekly events to online tournaments, the company currently offers gaming centers at over 250 locations. This includes offerings at Topgolf locations and independent fast-casual restaurants, which makes it easy for gamers to take part in social and competitive gaming in their own communities.

Connecting with local audiences

“We see the value that delivers every single day, both in the healthy spirit of competition within our programs and the development of meaningful personal connections,” added Edelman. “The gameplay results are exciting; the human results are awesome. Local members have gotten married, become roommates, and spawned cross-town friendships that will last a lifetime, all through Super League.”

Super League previously offered Gaming Clubs in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Denver, Chicago, New York, Tampa Bay, Boston, DC, Houston, and Phoenix. The new additions include programs in Toronto, Vancouver, Mexico City, Detroit, Minneapolis, Nashville, Oklahoma City, and Salt Lake City.

These new Gaming Clubs are a continuation of the company’s expansion into its digital and physical offerings, with an end goal of 750 gaming centers worldwide.

Ethan Chen

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