Super League Gaming partners with Wanda Cinemas Games

Competitive amateur gaming company Super League Gaming (NASDAQ: SLGG) has announced a partnership with Wanda Cinemas Games, a subsidiary of Chinese media conglomerate Wanda Media. The cooperation will see competitive gaming experiences brought to the over 700 theaters that are owned and operated by Wanda, across China.

Super League Gaming to China

“This accretive partnership was a strategic imperative for Super League,” said Ann Hand, chairman and CEO of Super League Gaming, in a release. “Joining forces with Wanda, the world’s biggest entertainment provider, to bring quality play, events, and content to those passionate players transforms the size of our servable market. We are honored to be partnered with Wanda as we bring Super League to the Asian market.”

With this partnership, Wanda theaters will be converted into esports venues to host Super League tournaments. Super League can continue to expand its global footprint, after previously partnering with gaming center company ggCircuit. The company will also be able to focus on a vast opportunity to monetize gamers and the content that is generated.

Wanda Cinemas in esports

“Our partnership with Super League will bring a new theater and esports experience to the millions of Chinese esports fans and players,” said Jian Huang, CEO of Wanda Cinemas Games. “We are looking forward to closely cooperating with Super League to create and perfect this new venture into the China market.”

The gaming experiences will place Wanda venues as a key social destination for esports in China – the world’s biggest market of 1.2 billion gamers. With Wanda Cinemas Games’ position, it will be able to leverage its access to the library of Wanda Media and Legendary Pictures IPs to develop competitive gaming in hundreds of cities across China.

Super League is partnered with venue owners that include Topgolf, Cinemark Theaters, and other independent fast-casual restaurants.

Ethan Chen

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